Our Podcast Audio Series' are banter/news free and include only the topical teaching and guest interview portions of the shows.


One of our favorite series' to date on the Rebel Podcast. The Truth Apocalypse examines lies from the culture that the church has bought into. Topics and guests include:


1 - Intro

2 - The Grace of Shame with Tim Bayly

3 - Slavery, Privilege and Obedience with Chocolate Knox

4 - Expository Preaching with Jay Bruinsma

5 - Feminism with Ericha Van Brimmer

6 - Work with Grant Van Brimmer

7 - The Myth of Neutrality 

8 - Modern Worship Music with Jody Killingsworth

9 - The Abiding Validity of God's Law

10 - Wrapup

Truth Apocalypse - Full Series (mp3)